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Got Questions?

I'd like portable toilets with flowing water. Will I have to furnish the source of water?

Yes. We will be glad to help you to coordinate your portable toilet placement so that water is readily available, although you will have to have access to deliver water to portable toilets that have flowing water.

What about location?

You'll be able to place the portable toilets anywhere they will be appropriate for use and accessible for maintenance. You are able to take advantage of our qualified tips and years of practical experience by asking for ideas for placement.

Who will clean up the units?

You do not be required to clean up your portable toilets. Simply connect with ATL Portable Toilets to discuss the perfect servicing plan for the units. We understand you'll need the portable toilet units cleaned on a regular basis, and we provide you with daily and weekly servicing schedules.

How far ahead of time do I need to book the portable toilets?

When you're requesting the portable toilets in the summer or about the same time as lots of other occasions and jobs, supply will be an issue, specifically if you need to have many portable toilet units. We recommend that you make your reservation no less than 2 days beforehand, although the quicker the more effective. A request for a large amount of portable toilets should really be made at the earliest opportunity. You can gain from calling a couple of weeks in advance when you're scheduling a rather sizeable affair. You may even call us 2-3 weeks ahead when you know that you'll be working with a local occasion or during the summer season.

What will I be investing?

The price of your portable toilets transaction will change according to several variables. Consider some of the following concerns: Are you requesting the standard portable toilets? Do you need deluxe portable toilets or luxurious restroom trailers? What sort of additional features do you plan to get? How often would you like the units to be cleaned and serviced? If you'd like to examine the alternatives and receive free of charge quotes to consider, call us.

I would like services for garbage removal at my function. Are you able to deliver this?

We don't supply trash removal options , but we'll be able to refer you to a nearby garbage removing company.

Where will you take the waste material from the portable toilets when you take it away?

Your portable toilets are going to be serviced regularly, and we will carry the waste material to a local waste facility. There, it'll be appropriately taken care of.

I am working with portable toilets in the wintertime. Should I be concerned with water in the tank freezing?

This is not anything you should worry about. The water in the portable toilets isn't going to ice over because we utilize a special non-poisonous solution .

Should I sign something?

You get the option of signing a damage waiver whenever you rent portable toilets with ATL Portable Toilets. That will cut down the risks of unexpected damages that could cost more. It doesn't matter what may cause injury to the portable toilets, you'll be covered for the expense of replacing and maintenance. Concerning your agreement to a payment plan, servicing routine, and similar terms, there is a contract to sign.

What if I need the portable toilets for just one day?

We're ready to work together with your requirements and plan and will help you in scheduling and arranging your portable toilet installation and servicing plan for any period of time. We will be able to deliver units for just one day, for several months, or for lengthier plans. Just call us today, and we're going to help evaluate your expectations and prepare your order.

Exactly what are the regulations with regard to portable toilets on project sites?

You are required to provide a portable toilet for your project site as stated by OSHA guidelines and town rules. A number of models are usually best for large teams and long undertakings.

My units are filling too fast. What should I do?

Whenever you realize that the portable toilets fill too quickly, you'll be able to call us for services and maintenance. You may want extra units. We recommend one unit for every ten professionals on a work site and 1 unit per 50 visitors at a function.

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